Sessional : 50 Marks
Theory : 100 Marks

Section A
Introduction to Machine Tools to Commonly used Machine Tools in a Workshop:- Lathe, Shaper, Planer, Milling, Drilling, Slotter. Introduction to Metal Cutting.
Basic concept of thermodynamics
Introduction, States, Work, Heat, Temperature, Zeroth, 1st, 2nd and 3rd law of thermodynamics, Concept of internal energy, enthalpy and entropy. Problems
Properties of Steam & Steam Generator
Formation of steam at constant pressure, Thermodynamic properties of Steam, Use of steam tables, Measurement of dryness fraction by throttling calorimeter.

Section B
Refrigeration & Airconditioning
Introduction to refrigeration and air -conditioning, Rating of refrigeration machines, Coefficient of performance, Simple refrigeration vapour compression cycle, Psychrometric charts and its use, Human comforts.
Hydraulic Turbines & Pumps :
Introduction, Classification, Construction details and working of Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines, Specific speed and selection of turbines, Classification of water pumps and their working.

Section C
Power Transmission Methods and Devices:
Introduction to Power transmission, Belt, Rope, Chain and Gear drive. Types and functioning of clutches.
Stresses and Strains:
Introduction, Concept & types of Stresses and strains, Poison’s ratio, stresses and strains in simple and compound bars under axial, flexure & torsional loading, Stress- strain diagrams, Hooks law, Elastic constants & their relationships.

Section D
Introduction to Manufacturing Systems, Fundamentals of Numerical Control (NC),
Advantage of NC systems, Classifications of NC, Comparison of NC and CNC

Text Books:
Elements of Mechanical Engineering – R.K.Rajput Lakmi Pub., Delhi
Elements of Mechanical Engineering – D.S.Kumar, S.K. Kataria and Sons
Engineering Thermodynamics- P.K.Nag TMH, New Delhi
Refrigeration & Airconditioning – Arora & Domkundwar, Dhanpat rai & co.pvt ltd
Workshop Technology Volt.I & II – Hazra & Chaudhary, Asian Book Comp., New Delhi.
Process and Materials of Manufacture — Lindberg, R.A. Prentice Hall of India,New Delhi.
Principles of Manufacturing Materials and Processes – Campbell, J.S.- McGraw- Hill

Reference Books:
Strength of Materials – Popov, Pub. – PHI, New Delhi.
Hydraulic Machines – Jagdish Lal, Pub.- Metropolitan, Allahbad.
Strength of Materials – G.H. Ryder, Pub.- ELBS.
Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics – Modi and Seth, Pub. – Standard Book House, New Delhi
Engineering Thermodynamics – C.P. Arora, Pub. – TMH, New Delhi
Refrigeration & Airconditioning- C.P. Arora. Pub. – TMH, New Delhi
Manufacturing Science – Amitabha Ghosh & Ashok Kumar Malik, – East-West Press.
Manufacturing Process and Systems – Ostwald, Munoz , John Wiley.
Workshop Technology, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 – Chapman, WAJ, Edward Arnold.

Examiner will set 9 questions in total, with two questions from each section and one question covering all sections which will be Q.1. This Q.1 is compulsory and of short answer type. Each question carries equal mark (20 marks). Students have to attempt 5 questions in total.

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    Hi Nitish,

    Thanks for Commenting on Engineering Tutorials Website. This course (BME) is introduced first time in MDU, Earlier, it was EME (Elements of Mechanical Engineering). So I am Telling you the pattern according to Previous EME Syllabus. In MDU Exam Papers, there are two Possibilities,

    One Possibility:
    One Question from each unit Say, if the syllabus has 8 units than there would be one question from each unit. and you have to attempt any 5 of them. Each question carry 20 marks.

    Possibility Two:
    Same one question from each unit, But the whole question paper would be divided into 2 Sections of 4 questions each, One Section from the first half of syllabus and second from the other half, And you have to answer 5 questions, At least two from each section.

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