Previous Years GATE Questions on Forming Process 2007-2013

Solved GATE Questions on Forming Process

Question 1. The force requirement in a blanking operation of low carbon steel sheet is 5.0 kN. The thickness of the sheet is ‘t’ and diameter of the blanked part is ‘d’. For the same work material, if the diameter of the blanked part is increased to 1.5 d and thickness is reduced to 0.4 t, the new blanking force in kN is

(A) 3.0

(B) 4.5

(C) 5.0

(D) 8.0


Hint 1. (Ans A)

Let  be the shear stress

Question 2. Match the correct combination for following metal working processes.

Processes Associated state of stress
P : Blanking 1. Tension
Q : Stretch Forming 2. Compression
R : Coining 3. Shear
S : Deep Drawing 4. Tension and compression
5. Tension and shear


(A) P-2,  Q-1,  R-3,  S-4

(B) P-3, Q-4,  R-1,  S-5

(C) P-5, Q-4, R-3, S-1

(D) P-3, Q-1, R-2, S-4


Hint 2. (Ans D)


Stretch Forming—Tension


Deep drawing—tension and compression

Question 3. The thickness of a metallic sheet is reduced from an initial value of 16 mm to a final value 10 mm in one single pass rolling with a pair of cylindrical rollers each of diameter 400 mm. The true strain is

(A) 5.936

(B) 7.936

(C) 8.936

(D) 9.936


Hint 3. (Ans D)


Where =angle of bite

Question 4. In open-die forging, a disc of diameter 200 mm and height 60 mm is compressed without any barreling effect. The final diameter of the disc is 400 mm. The true strain is

(A) 1.986

(B) 1.686

(C) 1.386

(D) 0.602


Hint 4. (Ans C)

True strain

Question 5. In the deep drawing of cups, blanks show a tendency to wrinkle up around the periphery (flange).

The most likely cause and remedy  of the phenomenon are, respectively,

(A) Buckling due to circumferential compression; Increase blank holder pressure

(B) High blank holder pressure and high friction; Reduce blank holder pressure and apply lubricant

(C) High temperature causing increase in circumferential length; Applt coolant to blank

(D) Buckling due to circumferential compression; decrease blank holder pressure


Hint 5. (Ans A)

Question 6. In a single pass rolling operation, a 20 mm thick plate width of 100 mm, is reduced to 18 mm. the roller radius is 250 mm and rotational speed is 10 rpm. The average flow stress for the plate material is 300 MPa. The power required for the rolling operation in kW is closest to


(B) 18.2

(C) 30.4

(D) 45.6


Hint 6. (Ans A)

Total power =7.442=14.88 kW

Statement for linked Answer Questions 7 and 8:

In shear cutting operation, a sheet of 5mm thickness is cut along a length of 200 mm. the cutting blade is 400 mm (see figure) and zero –shear (S=0) is provided on the edge. The ultimate shear strength of the sheet is 100MPa and penetration to thickness ratio is 0.2. Neglect friction.

Question 7. Assume force vs displacement curve to be rectangular, work done (in J) is

(A) 100

(B) 200

(C) 250

(D) 300


Hint 7. (Ans A)

Question 8. A shear of 20 mm (S=20 mm) is now provided on the blade. Assume force vs displacement curve to be trapezoidal, the maximum force (kN) exerted is

(A) 5

(B) 10

(C) 20

(D) 40


Hint 8. (Ans A)

Question 9. The shear strength of a sheet metal is 300 MPa. The blanking force required to produce a blank of 100 mm diameter from a 1.5 mm thick sheet is close to

(A) 45 kN

(B) 70 kN

(C) 141 kN

(D) 3500 kN


Hint 9. (Ans C)

Blanking Force, 

Question 10. The maximum possible draft in cold rolling of sheet increases with the

(A) Increase in coefficient of friction

(B) Decrease in coefficient of friction

(C) Decrease in roll radius

(D) increase in roll velocity


Hint 10. (Ans A)

Maximum possible draft

Question 11. In a rolling process, the state of stress of the material undergoing deformation is

(A) Pure compression

(B) Pure shear

(C) Compression and shear

(D) Tension and shear


Hint 11. (Ans C)

Answer keys

1. (A),   2. (D),   3. (D),   4. (C),   5. (A),    6. (A),   7. (A),   8. (A),   9. (C),   10. (A),   11. (C)


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