Previous Years Gate Questions on Casting 2001-2006

Solved Gate Questions on Casting

Question 1. The height of the down-sprue is 175 mm and its cross-sectional area at the base is . The cross sectional area of the horizontal runner is . Assuming no losses, indicate the correct choice for the time (in seconds) required to fill a mould cavity of volume .

(A) 2.67

(B) 8.45

(C) 26.72

(D) 84.50


Hint 1. (Ans A)

Time required to fill the mould

Question 2. Shrinkage allowance on pattern is provided to compensate for shrinkage when

(A) The temperature of liquid metal drops from pouring to freezing temperature

(B) The metal changes from liquid to solid state at freezing temperature

(C) The temperature of the solid phase drops from freezing to room temperature

(D) The temperature of the metal drops from pouring to room temperature


Hint 2. (Ans C)

Question 3. In centrifugal casting, the impurities are

(A) Uniformly distributed

(B) Forced towards the outer surface

(C) Trapped near the mean radius of the casting

(D) Collected at the centre of the casting.


Hint 3. (Ans D)

Question 4. The primary of a sprue in a casting mould is to

(A) Feed the casting at a rate consistent with the rate of solidification

(B) Act as a reservoir for molten metal

(C) Feed molten metal from the pouring basin to the gate

(D) Help feed the casting until all solidification takes place


Hint 4. (Ans C)

Question 5. With a solidification factor of , the solidification time (in seconds) for a spherical casting of 200 mm diameter is

(A) 539

(B) 1078

(C) 4311

(D) 3233


Hint 5. (Ans B)

Solidification factor

Diameter of spherical casting

According to Caine’s Relation

Solidification time

Question 6. Hardness of green sand mould increases with

(A) Increase in moisture content beyond 6 percent

(B) Increase in permeability

(C) Decrease in permeability

(D) Increase in both moisture content and permeability


Hint 6. (Ans C)

Question 7. Misrun is a casting defect which occurs due to

(A) Very high pouring temperature of the metal

(B) Insufficient fluidity of the molten metal

(C) Absorption of the gases by the liquid metal

(D) Improper alignment of the mould flasks


Hint 7. (Ans B)

Question 8. A mould has a down sprue whose length is 20 cm and the cross sectional area at the base of the down sprue is 1 . The down sprue feeds a horizontal runner leading into the mould cavity of volume 1000 . The time required to fill the mould cavity will be


(A) 4.05 s

(B) 5.05 s

(C) 6.05 s

(D) 7.25 s

Hint 8. (Ans B)

Area at base ,

And volume to be filled 

Question 9.  Match  the items of List I (Equipment) with the items of List II (Process)and select the correct answer using the given codes.

List I (Equipment) List II (Process)
P – Hot Chamber Machine 1 – Cleaning
Q – Muller 2 – Core
R – Dielectric motor 3 – Die Casting
S – Sand Blaster 4 –Annealing
5 – Sand mixing

(A) P–2  Q–1  R–4  S–5

(B) P–4  Q–2  R–3  S–5

(C) P–4  Q–5  R–1  S–2

(D) P–3  Q–5  R–2  S–1


Hint 9. (Ans D)

P—3, Q–5  R–2  S–1

Question 10. In a sand casting operation, the total liquid head is maintained constant such that it is equal to the mould height. The time taken to fill the mould with a top gate is . If the same mould is filled with a bottom gate, then the time taken is . Ignore the time required to fill the runner and frictional effects. Assume atmospheric pressure at the top molten metal surfaces. The relation between  is :






Hint 10. (Ans C)

Let ‘h’ be height of mould and same will be liquid head.

Top gating, ,

C = constant

V = Volume of mould

Bottom gating, 

Shear strain

Question 11. An expandable pattern is used in

(A) Slush casting

(B) Squeeze casting

(C) Centrifugal casting

(D) Investment Casting


Hint 11. (Ans C)

Expandable pattern is used in investment casting.

Answer Keys

1. (A)   2. (C)   3. (D)   4. (C)   5. (B)   6. (C)   7. (B)    8. (B)   9. (D)   10. (C)   11. (D)

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