Previous Years GATE Questions on Forming Process 2001-2003

Solved GATE Questions on Forming Process

Question 1. For rigid perfectly-plastic work material, negligible interface friction and no redundant work, the theoretically maximum possible reduction in the wire drawing operation is

(A) 0.36

(B) 0.63

(C) 1.00

(D) 2.72


Hint 1.  (Ans *)

Question 2. The cutting force in punching and blanking operations mainly depends on

(A) the modulus of elasticity of metal

(B) the shear strength of metal

(C) the bulk modulus of metal

(D) the yield strength of metal


Hint 2. (Ans B)

Question 3. In blanking operation, the clearance is provided on

(A) the die

(B) both the die and punch equally

(C) the punch

(D) neither the punch nor the die


Hint 3. (Ans C)

Question 4. Hot rolling of mild steel is carried out

(A) at recrystallization temperature

(B) between 100 to 150

(C) below recrystallization temperature

(D) above recrystallization temperature


Hint 4. (Ans D)

Question 5. A metal disc of 20 mm diameter is to be punched from a sheet of 2mm thickness. The punch and the die clearance is 3%. The required punch diameter is

(A) 19.88 mm

(B) 19.44 mm

(C) 20.06 mm

(D) 20.12 mm


Hint 5. (Ans A)

Punch diameter

Question 6. A brass billet is to be extruded from its initial diameter of 100 mm to a final diameter of 50 mm. The working temperature of 700 and the extrusion constant is 250 MPa. The force required for extrusion is

(A) 5.44 MN

(B) 2.72 MN

(C) 1.36 MN

(D) 0.36 MN


Hint 6. (Ans B)

Force required for extrusion

Where k=extrusion constant


Question 7. A shell of 100 mm diameter and 100 mm height with the corner radius of 0.4 mm is to be produced by cup drawing. The required blank diameter is

(A) 118 mm

(B) 161 mm

(C) 224 mm

(D) 312 mm


Hint 7. (Ans C)

Let d= diameter of the shell = 100 mm

       h= height of shell = 10 mm

       r=corner radius = 0.4 mm

Since d20r

 Blank diameter

Question 8. Cold working of steel is defined as working

(A) At its recrystallization temperature

(B) Above its recrystallization temperature

(C) Below its recrystallization temperature

(D) At two third of the melting temperature of the metal


Hint 8. (Ans C)

Answer keys

1. (*),   2. (B),   3. (C),   4. (D),   5. (A)   6. (B),   7. (C),   8. (C),

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