Principle and Working of SLOTTING MACHINE


Introduction: The slotting machine is a reciprocating machine tool in which, the ram holding the tool reciprocates in a vertical axis and the cutting action of the tool is only during the downward stroke.

Construction: The slotter can be considered as a vertical shaper and its main parts are:

1. Base, column and table

2. Ram and tool head assembly

3. Saddle and cross slide

4. Ram drive mechanism and feed mechanism.


The base of the slotting machine is rigidly built to take up all the cutting forces. The front face of the vertical column has guide ways for Tool the reciprocating ram. The ram supports the tool head to which the tool is attached. The workpiece is mounted on the table which can be given longitudinal, cross and rotary feed motion.

The slotting machine is used for cutting grooves, keys and slotes of various shapes making regular and irregular surfaces both internal and external cutting internal and external gears and profiles The slotter machine can be used on any type of work where vertical tool movement is considered essential and advantageous.

The different types of slotting machines are:

1. Punch slotter: a heavy duty rigid machine designed for removing large amount of metal from large forgings or castings

2. Tool room slotter: a heavy machine which is designed to operate at high speeds. This machine takes light cuts and gives accurate finishing.

3. Production slotter: a heavy duty slotter consisting of heavy cast base and heavy frame, and is generally made in two parts.

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