Engineering Topics

Manufacturing Engineering

Introduction to Machine ToolsLathe Machine, Types of Lathes,  Shaper Machine, Planer Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Slotting Machine, Introduction to Metal Cutting


Concept, Terms and DefinitionsHot and Cold BodiesZeroth Law, First Law

Boilers and Accessories

Mounting and Accessories of BoilersBabcock & Wilcox boiler and Cochran boiler, Lancashire Boiler

Engineering Mechanics

Laws of Motion, VectorsStatic Friction

Kinematics of Machines

Introduction, Kinematic Pairs & its Classification, Kinematic Chains, Joints, Degree of Freedom, Grubler’s Rule, Kinematic Inversions of Four Bar, Slider crank and double slider mechanismStraight line Mechanisms, Steering Mechanisms, Pantograph, Cams, Types of Cam and Followers, Cam nomenclature and Displacement diagrams, Solved Problems on Cams, Gears, Classification of Gears, Spur Gear Terminology

Other Topics

Two Stroke Engine4 stroke diesel and 4 stroke petrol engine

Simple screw jackWorm and Worm WheelWinch Crab

Various types of Water TurbinesPELTON TURBINEFRANCIS TURBINEKaplan Turbine

Various types of PumpsCENTRIFUGAL PUMPReciprocating Pump

Various types of Hydraulic DevicesHydraulic liftHYDRAULIC JACK